GPS Tracking Live

Our GPS Vehicle tracking gives you live global positioning via magnetic mounting or discrete placement within a vehicle. View up-to-the minute mapping of a vehicle’s location using your Internet browser. Easily access data on your iPhone, Android or tablet that has Internet connectivity.

A real-time GPS Tracking unit with no wires, no antenna no contract, and no hassle! It’s 3 A.M… Do you know where your spouse is? Where are your children? Get peace of mind or the proof you need. Our Mini GPS Tracking Units are designed for spouses, parents, vehicle fleet managers, delivery companies, law enforcement, private investigators, repossession companies, and other people who want a GPS Tracking unit.

Unlike the competition, our compact unit is hassle-free. It’s all in one box with no wires or antennas sticking out. It can be attached in seconds on a vehicle. Plus our battery lasts longer on a single charge than most units on the market. We also have unlimited internet mapping access, with a low daily rate.

Our GPS Tracking Unit product specifications are as follows:

  • Compact size: 2.5″ Long x 1.5″ Wide x ¾” Deep
  • Optional Magnetic weather-resistant case is slightly larger
  • Installs in seconds underneath vehicle or can be placed inside the vehicle, or in a bag or package.
  • Uses Enhanced Cell Phone Technology. No external wires or antennas. It’s all in one small case.
  • Unit is motion-activated to transmit signal while vehicle is moving, then goes into sleep mode when vehicle stops until motion is detected again.
  • Live tracking is only $1 per day… less than a cup of coffee without any contracts.

Why should you use GPS tracking on a vehicle?

  • Monitor your business’ vehicles and employee locations
  • Track a stolen car
  • Keep an eye on your teenaged drivers
  • Monitor a cheating spouse/partner
  • …and more!